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Electronic Components and Hard-To-Find Electronic Parts

Berman Electronic Enterprises LLC (BE Enterprises) is a leading full service global distributor of electronic components. BE Enterprises services OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide who face long lead times when searching for obsolescent or hard to find parts.

We seek to fulfill the world's demand on semiconductors, electronic parts and hard-to-find electronic components. Berman Electronic is steadfast in resolving your inventory needs and assisting in the sale of excess electronic parts.

Electronic Parts

Expert & Direct Part Resolution

Our expertise and open communication reflect a company philosophy focusing on service and offering technical solutions for our customers.

Customer Focus

BE Part Grid Supply Chain

"A True OEM-To-OEM Exchange". We have designed a part matching software that allows our client base the ability to view other client inventories in real time.

Standards Compliant

Certified & Industry Compliant

As an ISO compliant company, we also bring confidence and self-assurance to our clients, ensuring that we only provide quality products.

Client Satisfaction

Prompt & Dedicated Service

With a global presence on all continents, we pride ourselves on our exceptional services and strong reliable business relationships.